A Boy and his Bike

I’m still reflecting on the interactions and images during my ten day visit to Nicaragua. One profound moment occurred on day two in Nueva Vida, as I sat beside a group of mothers and their very young children. One child, a little 2 year old boy, was playing with a dilapidated bicycle tied to a baby walker with a tattered rag. I think they were tied together to keep the boy close to his mom and infant siblings.

Image-1The little boy was so happy playing with this bicycle. You could tell how much he cherished the bike by the care he was taking in handling the wheels and handle bars. It was precious to him, despite the fact that this bicycle had NO chain, NO seat and NO pedals. In fact, it was covered in rust and dirt. Yet this child adored the broken, pieces-missing, rusted-out shell of a bike.

Through this child at that moment watching, I saw our loving Papa God. Our Father loves us just like this little boy loving on the bike. He loves us despite all of our rusted bits, missing parts, sins and imperfections. We are his precious children and he wants the best for us no matter how battered we are from our journey.  He is a loving Father. He is a good Father. In fact, that love runs so deep, He sent His only Son to this earth to die for all of our messy sins.  Wow!

I am grateful to be His child. And hope you are too.