Ometepe Artisans

The mission of the Ometepe Artisans project is to empower indigenous artisans to fight poverty by giving them access the global marketplace through an Etsy Shop, live events, and strategic partnerships. Most of the items we feature are jewelry utilizing recycled natural resources like stone, seed, wood, horn, feather & bone. Each artisan is endorsed and 100% of the net proceeds is distributed to them, so their families and the surrounding communities benefit year-round. Therefore, your purchase immediately provides hope, dignity and independence to the families and communities in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.

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In addition to making a living, our hope is that each artisan’s voice is heard and the ancient cultural knowledge of Ometepe Island is shared through the details of their artwork. Selected artisans in the project must be indigenous residents of Ometepe Island, Nicaragua and respected members in their village.  All of the items for sale are handmade, and we trust our artisans to use local, natural materials. We encourage sustainable options whenever available.