Ometepe Artisans

Ometepe Artisans fights poverty by offering an ongoing means for well-established, indigenous artisans to connect to the global market and earn a fair income via an Etsy Shop. OBGM are not just “selling” jewelry, our artisans participate in micro-credit and training. 100% of the net proceeds from each artisan’s sales goes directly to the artisan. Most participants are women, who are the backbone in the family and village life. By empowering them, this project will have immediate impact on their children, extended families, and communities throughout Ometepe Island.

In addition to making a living, our hope is that each artisan’s voice is heard and the ancient cultural knowledge of Ometepe Island is shared through the details of their artwork. Selected artisans in the project must be indigenous residents of Ometepe Island, Nicaragua and respected members in their village.  All of the items for sale are handmade, and we trust our artisans to use local, natural materials. We encourage sustainable options whenever available.