Maderas Artisans Mission Collective

Cory, Stacy Martin and their family are the driving force behind Maderas Artisans Mission Collective (formerly known as “Impact Nicaragua”). They’ve been serving as full-time missionaries in Masatepe, Nicaragua since 2012, where they built and continue to direct a vocational school there. The school teaches essential skills such carpentry, welding, English, computers, jewelry, sewing, and nutrition.

They have been traveling to Ometepe Island to teach classes and hold medical clinics since 2015. They will transition to work and live full time on Ometepe Island over the next few years. Their hope is to replicate the vocational program currently in place in Masatepe.

Cory is a furniture designer from North Carolina who decided his skills would be better put to use helping the impoverished instead of the wealthy. Stacy is an educator and former Compassion International advocate. She has been working to help children in poverty for over 20 years. They are both ordinary and unqualified people that chose to let God work through them despite their shortcomings.

The name Maderas Artisans Mission Collective was chosen for several reasons. “Maderas” is the name of the volcano on which they will be living and working on Ometepe Island. It also means “wood(s)” in Spanish, which is a good fit since Cory will be building wooden boats. “Mission Collective,” is for those beyond us working collectively on the same mission, which is to disciple the nations. In our case, that is the Island of Ometepe.

They believe that God is love and take his command to love others quite seriously. They are from a nondenominational background and don’t let denominational names, legalism, or belief systems create barriers between themselves and the Body of Christ. They believe we all bring something different to the table and diversity within the church is one of its most beautiful qualities.

More About The Martin Family

Cory and Stacy Martin have been married for 23 years and have 4 children: Gavin, Emmet, Sydney, and Amelie. Gavin is 22 years old and married to his Nicaraguan girlfriend, Dayana. He recently graduated from Calvin College with a computer science degree. Emmet is 19 years old and beginning the second year at Kendall College of Art and Design. All three of them live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sydney is 17 years old and Amelie is 15 years old. They both still serve alongside their parents in Nicaragua.

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