August 2021 Update: You Did It To Me

We’ve already started our packing list as we prepare for our upcoming visit to Nicaragua on September 10. This is supposed to be our last visit for 2021 and the first experience TJ will have in our home in Santa Cruz.  There is still room in our suitcases, and we need your help:

  • If you are a Child Sponsor, you should have received an email from Rochelle last week about writing your child. If you did not receive it, please contact Rochelle as there is still time to submit your child’s letter before our September 3 deadline.
  • Unlocked Smartphones – Have you recently upgraded your phone and have your old one in a drawer? We’re seeking unlocked smartphones (& chargers) for students & microbusiness owners. An unlocked smartphone is one that is NOT tied to specific carrier. If you don’t own one, an impactful donation is to purchase a refurbished phone. We have some listed on our charity Amazon Wish list and will direct ship to our address in Cocoa Beach.

Scroll down for an update on the Ometepe microloan projects. We look forward to visiting all of the families in our programs, including the new microbusinesses.

Finally, there are no words to describe the challenges facing the world and in our personal lives in part due to the pandemic. The negativity and judgment are discouraging. Have you felt yourself more reactive these days? One helpful tool is a simple mind-body-spirit practice that Mother Theresa shared years ago. It’s called her five-finger gospel. Each finger represents the words: you – did – it – to – me and is based Matthew 25:45 (see below video). We hope you try it & pass it on.
Rochelle & TJ


Vicente, Alyeris & family. Vicente has already sold the first 50 chickens and purchased another 50! The cycle is approximately 6 weeks, but the market is too slow to expand to a revolving 100 chickens as originally planned. We will work with Vicente to continue to build hope and success in his revived microbusiness. Click on Video for more.

The piglets have a new house and have grown into healthy pigs! The microbusiness been a blessing to Nahum & his wife Daisy as both have health challenges and pig farming is not as physically demanding as other work on the island. When the economy improves, they will be able to expand the project to 20 pigs. In about three months, Nahum & Daisy will be able to start payments on their loan.

You can help improve the living conditions of a family in Ometepe by becoming a microlender. All loans are tailored to small farmers or microbusinesses which will expand a family’s earnings. Each family and business opportunity is vetted through an application process and receives mentoring by OBGM during their business cycle until the loan is repaid. Families will repay their 0%-interest loan over a 1-3 year time period. When the loan is repaid, you can choose another new business to reinvest in here in Nicaragua. See current updates.


The rainy season and scarce high-quality oven builders has delayed this project. We anticipate progress in the coming weeks. BACKGROUND: Ricardo’s brick oven recently collapsed and therefore he’s earning no income. Will you help Ricardo re-launch his baking business with a microloan? Click here.

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