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Since our last post, March Update, we’ve received approval from the Ministerio de Education de Nicaragua (MINED) for 2 classrooms in the towns of Urbaite and Sintiope on Ometepe Island.  Today, Hilder is just starting the third week of teaching English to these 2 communities as follows:

  • Basic English – Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8 PM in Urbaite
  • Advanced English – Saturdays and Sundays 6-8 pm in Urbaite
  • Children’s Basic English – Saturdays 8-11 am in Sintiope

When God has a mission, He really delivers in the most unexpected ways. Within 2 hours of sending the March Update email, we received a text from a close family friend. She’s in her early twenties (like Hilder) & wanted to donate her less-than-1-year-old Dell Inspiron computer to Hilder.  This young woman could have easily sold the Dell to keep the money for herself, but she didn’t.  She used the opportunity to demonstrate her gratitude to God for blessing her life recently.  This isn’t just an old, slow “dinosaur” of a computer. It’s also a touchscreen “tablet” AND and has external DVD drive!

In fact, it’s better than my laptop and, yes I admit, I had a fleeting, selfish thought of swapping out the laptops to keep the better one for myself. Of course I didn’t.  It’s God’s mission for Hilder to have it and to use it teaching tool for planning, teaching and sharing lessons to His glory for those on Ometepe Island.  Funny how it turned into a lesson for me, too.

The children in the above photo are just the beginning recipients of Hilder’s gifts of teaching English and sharing his love of Jesus.  We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support, especially as Rochelle prepares to leave for a 2-week visit to Nicaragua on April 5.

Roe & TJ

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